Myths and Facts! -

Myths and facts!

Misconceptions about cancer causes can lead to unnecessary worry about your health and in some cases can also cause malnutrition. Let’s have a look at few of these myths:

1. Microwaving plastic containers and wraps releases harmful, cancer-causing substances into food.

Microwave-safe plastic containers and wraps are safe to use in the microwave.
But plastic containers not intended for use in the microwave could melt and potentially leak chemicals into your food. So avoid microwaving containers that were never intended for the microwave, such as margarine tubs, takeout containers or whipped topping bowls.

2. Soy products can increase the risk for breast cancer.

Soy foods contain several key nutrients and phytochemicals studied for their cancer prevention properties. Soy foods contain isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens that in some ways mimic the action of estrogen but are very weak. Because high levels of estrogen link to increased breast cancer risk, there was a fear that soy foods and the isoflavones in them— could increase risk. Yet overall, human studies show soy foods do not increase risk and in some cases, research suggests soy may lower risk. A small number of studies even suggest soy foods may be most protective for women who take anti-estrogen agents or aromatase inhibitors, but more research is needed before experts do more than encourage moderate consumption of whole soy foods (3 to 4 servings per week) as a low-fat protein.

3. Alkaline diet can cure cancer

There’s not enough evidence to suggest that cancer cells grow in the acidic media and there’s no evidence to prove that diet can manipulate whole body pH, or that it has an impact on cancer.

To conclude, some say that you can prevent cancer by eating a certain food. But then, someone else will say that eating that same food can increase your risk of cancer. So, which is it? There is no one size fits all! Please contact your personal dietitian/ nutritionist and get a tailor made diet plan for yourself.

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