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With nutritional recipes and sample diet plans that are tailored to every side effect a cancer patient might experience, this will soon become a handy culinary companion to nourish the body and mind during the cancer journey.

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Cancer Essentials Guidebook: your complete guide managing side-effects of treatment using food, body and mind

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and would like to heal through food, body and mind – CARER’s Cancer Essentials Guidebook is the best place to start!

Our detailed step-by-step online guide will teach you exactly how to eat, move and manage your mind during cancer. With efficient diet plans for specific conditions, movement tutorials, meditations and more, the guidebook has everything a cancer patient will need – built by cancer care specialists and backed by science.

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Cancer Care Essentials Toolkit
Cancer Prevention Toolkit

Cancer Prevention and Chronic Disease Management Guidebook

CARER’s Cancer Prevention Guidebook is an online resource that teaches you how to transform your life through food, body and mind, to lower your risk of cancer. It offers simple exercises, guided meditations, sample diet plans, must-have information and more, in one complete package. Giving you the power to heal yourself.

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