Eating out guide for cancer patients Survivors -

Eating out guide for cancer patients / survivors:

While you are undergoing cancer treatment, your mood, cravings and the taste keeps changing. We understand if you say that you are bored of eating the same home food every day and the same style of cooking usually used. So, if you plan on eating from outside or visiting a restaurant, then these guidelines are for you.

● The first and the most important thing to keep in mind is that you order your food or visit a reputed restaurant that follows hygiene! This must include food and personal hygiene. And if the restaurant serves organic, then it’s like cherry on the cake. Go organic wherever possible. As the organic food is supposed to be any artificial or chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc.
● Eat everything in moderation- Portion size is critical. Restaurants tend to serve a much larger portion than one would normally eat at a meal, which can leave you with a whole day’s worth of food at one sitting. In this case, do the hand test.
● Make sure the eggs or lean meat that you eat at a restaurant is organic in nature. Most of the restaurants do not offer this Therefore it’s better to check online as to which restaurants serve organic food, prior to the visit or ordering food.
● If the portion size that you receive is too much then share with someone.
● Always start with your salad first or a soup.
● A hungry person makes bad decisions! If you’re hungry when you arrive at a restaurant, you may end up eating too much. One way to prevent this is to eat a healthy snack before you get there. A low-carb high-protein snack like yogurt/ nuts and seeds could make you feel more full and help prevent overeating
● Ask for more vegetables. For more fibre, ask for extra veggie toppings on wraps, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches. Order sides of leafy green salad or cooked vegetables. Substitute your fries with vegetables.
● Chew your food well before swallowing.
● If you have any doubts in regards to the preparation, then please ask the chef or the butler serving the food.
● Keep sodium in check. Choose fewer foods that have been smoked or made with soy sauce or teriyaki sauce. Ask for them to be served on the side.
● Avoid sweetened beverages- Drink water or fresh fruit juice without sugar as a substitute for sweetened drinks such as soda pop, coke, Pepsi, ice tea or lemonade. You can try lemon water as well. If you drink alcohol, please limit the same. Follow the instructions given by your healthcare professional.
● Read the nutrition information available- Ask for the nutrition information or visit the restaurant’s website ahead of time. Look for healthier options that are higher in protein, fibre and vitamins and lower in calories, sugar and sodium.
Making healthier choices is in your hands!


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