Colour Therapy and Cancer -

Colour Therapy and Cancer

What is colour therapy | Brief history

It is the process where we use the energy of light which is colour to help create a balance in our lives. It helps us heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Colour is a refraction of light. Man, at the dawn of civilization realised that sunlight was extremely essential for life force. Hence believed that all colours that originate from the main source of light and energy play a pivotal role in our life cycle

How does it work?

The energy of light penetrates through our skin and starts activating our cells and our energy centres. Our energy centres are like wheels located in our ethereal bodies. These wheels are also called chakras which keep rotating and vibrating. Colours either stimulate the energy centres or calm the energy centres

Role of colour therapy in cancer diagnosis

Cancer suddenly hits you like a blot out of the blue. It derails you emotionally and physically. We are engulfed by fear, anxiety and uncertainty. So why not use these simple tools to make a difference in our mind, body and appearance.

Science behind colour therapy

It has been scientifically proven that colour has a huge impact on all living organisms. Red UV lights have been used to stimulate growth in plants. Blue rays act like tranquilizers. Used to relax the eyes and calm the mind. Chemical change in our bodies also causes change in our colouring. Our face trunks red when we are angry. Our skin turns yellow when we have jaundice. Hence there is a science behind colour therapy.

Colour therapy for cancer patients

Treatment cycle

Radiation causes a lot of dryness, skin burn, itching, difficulty in swallowing, darkening of the skin. During radiation high energy X Ray photons are used. This can derail our energy centres as the mind and body both get affected. A lot of heat in the body which makes us feel anxious, restless, lack of sleep and wired. Hence here it is important to use cool colours which tranquilize the mind and soothe the body.

Chemo-therapy A lot of chemical drugs are injected into the body which affect the good cells and the bad cells. Fatigue, hair loss, blackening of the teeth etc. Here is when your energy, self-confidence and energy dips. During Chemotherapy wear warm colours helps as it stimulates the energy centres. Boost your mood and self-confidence.

Surgery Causes, weakness, lack of mobility, pain and discomfort. Also change in physical attributes. Here is when we really need to focus on healing of the mind and body. Post-surgery one has to ensure that their surroundings facilitate this process. Hence again colours that are extremely light and neutral work well in the healing process.

Colour 1

Colour chart for patients | Based on pain points


This colour controls the PINEAL gland and every other gland. It makes you aware and conscious of your entire body. It releases stress, tension, strain and anxiety. Hence helps you come to terms with your situation faster and enables you to accept all your challenges. The colour for MENTAL WELLBEING. Lavender oil, powders and incense really helps. Sprinkling lavender mist on your pillow will help you sleep better.


It regulates and controls the PITUITARY gland, the nervous system and the frontal brain. Many times, we have misconceptions about a few things, we are delusional. This colour helps release our fears and brings clarity to our thoughts. It is the region for mind and intellect. It heightens your power of intuition. This colour is associated with Vitamin A Eye and Skin diseases, Kidney stone, lung ailments, night blindness are associated with this chakra.


It is associated with the Thyroid Gland. It is connected to our vocal chords. In case it is not charged well we face throat related issues and thyroid malfunction. Thyroid is the gland that produces hormones in our body. It not only balances the metabolism but also influences other organs like the heart, brain, liver ,kidney and skin. It also causes depression and women are prone to breast cancer. It is associated with Vitamin C and Iodine. Wearing blue can help give some relief to ulcers in the mouth, tooth decay and poor immune system. If the chakra is well balanced we communicate and express ourselves better.


It controls the Thymus gland, immune system and physical heart and lungs. It makes you feel optimistic, positive and full of hope. The thymus gland helps in the growth of the foetus and also enhance the lymphocyte production and white blood corpuscles. It is related to vitamin B12. Hence if balanced Anaemia, brain nerve and heart diseases will be kept at bay. A healthy heart chakra helps you to love deeply, feel compassion and have a deep sense of peace and relief


It is associated with the Pancreas. It radiates and distributes Pranic energy throughout the entire framework. It regulates the digestive system, fire and heat regulation in the body. When it functions well a person has immense will power, is energised and dynamic. When not functioning well the person is lifeless, vitality deficient and devoid of energy. This chakra is related to the pancreas which produce insulin. Insulin not only regulates the sugar levels but also produces the secretions required for the digestion of food. When the pancreas do not produce insulin properly it results in diabetes. It is associated with vitamin E. This chakra brings energy , effectiveness and spontaneity.


It is associated with the gonad gland. It corresponds to the urinary and reproductive system of the is connected to the prostate, pelvic plexus, testes and ovaries. It enhances your social life, your sexual desires and your relationships. It connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation and brings in fluidity, grace and the ability to accept change. If weakens one tends to get fibroids in the uterus, urinary infections and kidney problems. It is associated with vitamin K. It produces iron which is needed for haemoglobin and cell growth. This chakra helps to accept whatever comes your way and gives you a feeling of contentment.


It is connected to the adrenal gland. It regulates, regains and regenerates the body tissues of the muscular and skeletal system and the spine. It represents element earth hence related to our survival instincts, sense of grounding and connection to our bodies. It deals with tasks related to the material and physical world. This chakra is doesn’t function well it causes osteoporosis and arthritis. It is related to vitamin D.A person also starts becoming prey to vices when the chakra is out of balance. When this chakra functions well it gives the ability to stand up for oneself. It brings health, prosperity , security and dynamic presence.

colours benefits

Different colours and its benefits

➢ PURPLE /VIOLET- controls sleep disorders.
➢ INDIGO- Intuition
➢ BLUE-Expressing ourselves
➢ GREEN-Harmony
➢ YELLOW- Optimism
➢ ORANGE-Activity, appetite and socializing
➢ RED-Boosts survival instincts

Clothing- How to pick your colour

● Introspect- Look deep within yourself and understand what is going on with your body and mind. Are you anxious? are you feeling lethargic? are you feeling low?
● Investigate-Depending on your state of mind and body pick colours to either stimulate you or colours to tranquilise you
● Invest-You are special, so invest in yourself, find that time and wear colours that revive your energy, rekindle your spirit and reignite your confidence.
● So, when you are feeling blue, wear red.
● See if you need to be stimulated or tranquilized.
● If you are feeling low wear yellow to boost your optimism.
● If you want to enhance your sexual energy wear orange
● If you want to feel driven and kick start your survival instincts wear red.

Colour therapy and mental health

● Colour has a cascading impact on our mood. It can stimulate the production of Endorphins (RED) which will uplift your mood. Oxytocin (GREEN&BLUE) a love hormone, compassion and trust. Serotonin (YELLOW & PURPLE)Feel good hormone Dopamine-(YELLOW,ORANGE) Reward hormone
● Healing anxiety and depression with colour therapy Avoid wearing red when you are anxious as it increases your blood pressure. Wear white, blue, icy pastel shades. When one is depressed we need to uplift their mood colours that work are orange, yellow, green, red. These colours release energy (Shakti) within you
● Women mental health concerns
The Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra are where the female energy is stored.
During menstruation women need to wear cool and calming colours blue, lilac, white, icy colours.
Colours to wear during mid cycle are peach, orange, red, coral, green and pink
Colours to wear during menopause, ovarian cancer are peach, coral, light yellow

DIY colour therapy

➢ Night time light- Using dim colours, choosing right colour lights at night
➢ Getting enough rest and sleep are extremely crucial. White sheets, white pillow covers and lavender oil does wonders.
➢ Outdoor breaks- Sunbathing early in the morning does wonders, gives you the right energy and endorphins you need for the day. Gardening is also a mindful activity that boosts your serotonin and oxytocin. Spending time in nature enhances your healing process
➢ Decorate with colours- paint a wall with colours that. bring you calm and balance Colours that really work are ivory, white, off white. Accent wall can be light yellow, lime green and mint green