Tips and Precautions while Exercising During Cancer -

Tips and Precautions while Exercising During Cancer

Each person is unique and heals differently. Moreover, there are many types of cancers, treatments and side effects, each one affecting cancer patients in different ways. It’s important to work with a cancer exercise specialist or a physical therapist who can design the best program for your unique situation and fitness level.

While exercise is proven to be safe during different types of cancer treatment, your ability to exercise and the types of exercises you can do depends on:

● The type of cancer you have
● The treatments being used
● The side effects that you are experiencing
● Your level of fitness
● Your other health problems

Exercising safely during treatment

It’s important to take precautions while exercising if you are having side effects from your cancer or its treatment. You may have to change your exercise plan depending on your specific side effects.

Here are some ways to make sure that you get the most out of your workout plan in a safe way:

● Progress slowly- Even if you were physically active before your treatment, build up your level of activity slowly. This can help you avoid injury and keep you from getting discouraged.
● Exercise in a safe environment- If treatment has weakened your immune system, avoid large gyms where germs spread easily.
● Listen to your body- If your energy level is low, adjust how long or how hard you exercise until you feel better.
● Stay hydrated- Drink plenty of water during your workouts to avoid dehydration.
● Eat a nutritious diet- The right foods, especially those high in protein, help your body recover after exercise.
● Workout with an expert – If you can, it’s strongly recommended to start your exercise routine guided by an expert. The expert will know exactly what physical exercises to incorporate specifically for you.
● See your doctor regularly- Your health can change throughout treatment. Make sure your doctor checks for important health indicators, such as your blood count, so you know if it is safe to exercise.

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