Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients while Undergoing Cancer Treatment -

Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients while Undergoing Cancer Treatment

We know what you go through when you have cancer or when you are undergoing treatment for the same. But first it’s important to understand what cancer really is in order to understand what the body goes through and the treatment that’s required to manage the cancer. Cancer can be called a cluster of more than 100 diseases which arise due to uncontrolled cellular growth. Treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and immunotherapy are commonly used to control the growth. These treatments also affect “healthy” cells as well, hence causing detrimental or extreme side-effects. The side-effects that you face like nausea, body ache, gut disturbances, decreased hemoglobin levels are likely the ones to wear you down more than the disease itself.

We have handled hundreds of cancer patients over the years successfully and have been able to provide patients with the right kind of an integrative approach in order to manage their side-effects to a great extent. To mention a few, we have been successful in managing the disease condition better alongside the medical treatment, in terms of halting or decreasing the progression of the disease further, or managing the side-effects of the treatment better to improve the quality of life.

Here are few tips that you can incorporate to manage your symptoms:

Are you suffering from nausea or vomiting? We know that this is one of the biggest hindrances to proper nutrition. Here are a few things you can start including into your diet.


Yes, you read that right! Ginger has been used as a form of medicine by our ancestors and it’s available in our households all the time. So, how do you use it to help nausea or vomiting?

Here’s how- Simply make a concoction out of ginger and add in some lime just before consuming. Or just freeze the ginger tea and make ice candy out of it and suck on it whenever you have a queasy feeling. Believe us, it works!

We provide wonderful recipes to manage nausea and vomiting in CARER’s Cancer Recipe Book.


Never suffered from anemia before, but ended up having it now as a symptom to cancer treatment? You have to undergo chemotherapy again and are scared that you might need a blood transfusion? We can help you! Have this juice every day and you can improve your hemoglobin in 2-3 weeks.

Take one medium sized pomegranate and beetroot with 2 soaked figs overnight, grind them together with water as required, strain and enjoy!

Gut disturbances-

Yes, the treatment can affect your digestive system as well. Few drugs can cause diarrhea and others constipation, and sometimes it might not have any negative impact at all. So what should you be doing if you have diarrhea or constipation?

You might have to rebuild your gut microbiome by including healthy fermented foods and prebiotics so that the beneficial bacteria can feed on the same and multiply. These little bacterias are the saviors of your gut and immunity. Apart from these, you should make a few changes specific to constipation and diarrhea. Here are a few recipes that might help you out.

Always remember to tackle your health with a holistic approach, i.e. in terms of nutrition and movement and meditation and mental health.

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