Gut health and Building a Healthy Digestive System -

Gut health and Building a Healthy Digestive System

Intestinal microbiota, or gut flora and the gut barrier determine gut health. Inside the gut are about 100 trillion live microorganisms that promote normal GI function, protect the body from infection and regulate metabolism and the mucosal immune system. In fact, they comprise more than 75% of the immune system. Also important is their role in maintaining and protecting the GI barrier. Since the balance of bacteria in our gut influences the balance of our immune system, an unbalanced bacterial flora for instance can cause growth of too many opportunistic pathogens shifting the immune system to an increased inflammatory state.

Gut cleanse. Why do you need it?

Gut cleansing is the process of removing waste and toxins from the colon. It may help issues such as constipation or irregular bowel movements and overall health and wellness. A clean and healthy gut lets you eliminate illness-causing microorganisms. It allows you to digest all your food and lets the important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients get absorbed by your entire body. Hence, in order to lower the risk of developing the disease, it’s very important to clean your gut through a healthy diet, regular exercise and the use of distilled water and supplements.

Therefore, a natural colon cleanse will help in-

1. Better absorption of nutrients
2. Helps maintain a regular bowel flow and constipation
3. Increases energy and concentration
4. Improves the overall wellness

Food for your gut:

Fermented foods: Such as yogurt, kombucha, kimchee, sauerkraut, kefir helps in supplying our gut with beneficial bacteria. These beneficial gut bacteria will help in improving your overall gut health.


Prebiotic foods- Garlic, onion, olive oil, pomegranate and asparagus act as food for the beneficial bacteria present in our gut thereby promoting their growth. The bacteria act on these foods and release short chain fatty acids and butyrate which can help in reducing inflammation in the gut.

What does the shape of your poop tell you!

What does the color of your stool tell you?


Note: You can use your tool color and shape as a guide to determine your gut health! Do not ignore this!

Few tips:

● Make sure you include a variety of fruits and veggies in your daily diet. The more variety in your diet, the more variety in the gut bacteria which is considered highly beneficial.
● Consume organic food, devoid of any pesticides.
● Chew your food well before swallowing.
● Keep yourself hydrated.
● Avoid late night eating.
● Keep stress at bay.
● Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, refined or processed foods.
● Maintain a schedule.
● Exercise regularly.
● Sleep well.

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