Cancer Awareness -

Cancer Awareness

The number of cancer cases in India is on a rise constantly and unfortunately not everyone takes this seriously. Therefore it’s important for us to increase our knowledge about cancer.

How to spread awareness:

  • To dispel the misconceptions about cancer.
  • Inform them about the signs and symptoms of different forms of cancer.
  • Teach them on the importance of screening for early detection.
  • By promoting a healthy lifestyle, sharing survivor stories and giving a message of hope and confidence.

The objective of spreading cancer awareness:

  • To prevent the lifestyle factors that cause cancer.
  • To educate people on signs and symptoms of cancer to promote early detection or early diagnosis.
  • Inform women about mammograms, clinical breast exam and breast self-exam. Also educate them about Pap smear tests to check for signs of cervical cancer.
  • Help them understand the process of early screening that they can do at home or at a nearby lab.

The more you are aware about cancer, the better it is! Educate yourself and spread the knowledge.


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