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The Carer Protocol

The Carer Protocol

The Carer Protocol incorporates integrative and holistic forms of therapy provided to support the healing and recovery of cancer patients during and post treatment. Using nutrition, movement and mental well-being, the Protocol focuses on the patient’s current condition, to ensure a decrease in side effects, managing the treatment better, improving immunity and quality of life of the patient. The Protocol goes along with the treatment regimen and is recommended at the time of diagnosis, however has shown substantial improvement at all stages, from diagnosis to rehabilitation and palliative. It’s completely personalised and customised to the patient's condition and provides the required interventions to achieve an improvement in quality of life. If on treatment, the Protocol helps in managing the symptoms and effectively dealing with the disease, and when the patient is off treatment, the Protocol then focuses on complete recovery and rehabilitation by re-building the immune system, strengthening the body and mind, and helping the patient adapt to a new normal. The patient will know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and decrease the chances of relapse, by one on one practice, learning about healthy living and improving their quality of life permanently. Carer Protocol has been tested on multiple patient demographics and types of cancers, which has shown substantial improvements in treatment and patient outcomes. All therapies are scientifically proven to work along with treatment. The Protocol has been developed by cancer care specialists and doctors to follow a systematic approach which has proven to be the most effective and beneficial for patients and survivors during and post-treatment. This Protocol systematically and methodically targets mental, emotional, physical rehabilitation, recovery and quality of life of a cancer patient and survivor. It’s an easy monthly subscription program that provides the services listed below.

Carer Protocol involves per month:

Nutrition Protocol
  • 4 in-depth consultations with the Clinical Nutritionist (one every week) – done via video calls and visit
  • Online access to the Clinical Nutritionist
  • Personalised Diet Plans and Diet modification (2)
Movement and Meditation Protocol
  • 8 Movement and Meditation sessions delivered at the patient’s home or the Carer Centre
  • 2 sessions per week
Mental Well-being Protocol
  • 2 sessions with the Mental Well-being therapist – done via video calls or visit
Carer Nutrition Protocol

Carer Nutrition Protocol

Carer Nutrition Protocol aims at meeting the caloric needs of the patient considering specific catabolic losses, in order to expedite healing and recovery. The composition of carbohydrates, proteins and fats are adjusted based on individual cases. Unlike the generic diet programs, this Protocol aims at building the body's immune system, arresting involuntary weight loss, limiting high GI carbohydrates and customizing the diet based on feeding methods, considering meal patterns of the patient and the nutritional deficiencies that might occur due to treatment or cancer itself. Nutrition plays an imperative role in rebuilding of the immune system and increasing the nutritional levels of the patient while on treatment and post treatment. The Nutrition Protocol is built on trial and tested customized nutritional plans for each and every type of cancer and its symptoms. It’s an easy monthly subscription that provides the services listed below

  • Customisation of meal plans based on the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis and lifestyle, as well distinctive feeding methods.
  • The nutritionist can be visited at the start of the program, while in-depth consultation calls will happen every week to monitor the progress.
  • The patient has direct access to a personal nutritionist every day, guiding and helping him/her with all their nutrition requirements.
  • The aim is to help the patient make the best nutritional choices for him/herself for optimal recovery, while improving nutritional deficiencies.
Carer Movement and Meditation Protocol

Carer Movement and Meditation Protocol

Cancer has major physical strains on the body. Loss of muscle mass and range of motion might be affected due to surgery, the treatment's side-effects and symptoms. The Movement and Meditation Protocol is focused on strength building and limiting atrophy. Therapists assist patients with a combination of therapeutic yoga practices, physiotherapy and functional movement exercises that deal with fatigue, weakness, weight loss and pain, some of the most common physical side effects of cancer and treatment. It's important to keep body fat percentages low and build muscle strength. The focus is stretching and strengthening of muscles, pain management, stimulating the digestive system, lymphatic system, circulatory system and breathing techniques that help in balancing the body and mind. There are tried and tested movement patterns developed by Carer that have proven to improve functional mobility, hormonal levels, pain, strength and physical and mental related symptoms of patients. It’s an easy monthly subscription that provides the services listed below.

  • Focus is on strength building and limiting muscle atrophy.
  • Stretching and strengthening of muscles, pain management, stimulating the digestive system, lymphatic system, circulatory system and breathing techniques for the body and mind.
  • In order to implement permanent lifestyle changes and self-practice, Carer has carefully crafted the sessions to take place twice every week with a total of 8 sessions.
  • These are led by Movement and Meditation Therapists and are one on one with the patient at the Carer Centre or at the patient's home.
Carer Mental Well-being Protocol

Carer Mental Well-being Protocol

The objective of the Mental Well-Being Protocol is to provide a supportive environment for the patient by helping them accept the disease and motivating them to move on. The mental well-being therapy is also extended to the family of the patient since dealing with cancer also tends to affect the well-being of caregivers. The objective of mental well-being therapy is to:

  • Using the techniques of coaching, the patient is put into a goal-oriented state of mind, while being taught tools and processes to cope with unwarranted stress, anxiety, fears and so on.
  • The patient has access to a Carer Mental Well-being Therapist every two weeks.
  • These sessions are comprised of in-depth consultations over phone or video or the Mental Well-Being Therapist can be visited at the Carer Centre. Home sessions are subject to patient’s condition and price.